Majority of Mobile Users Willing to Offer their Location for Better Deals


JiWire, a location-based media company, recently released a report that tracks trends and insights in the mobile industry. It is reporting that 53% of “on-the-go” consumers are willing to share their location in exchange for better content. These statistics are especially useful to those in the mobile deal market. If we break down these consumers by demogrpahic, we can see that even greater rates of consent exist. For those under the age of 24, 58% responded yes, and 60% of those in the 25-34 also responded yes.


JiWire also had a number of insights regarding mobile shopping behavior. “80% of on-the-go consumers are planning to use their mobile devices equally or more for shopping this year, with 52% planning to use their device more than in Q4 2010.“ 58% of these consumers are interested in price comparison, research, and/or reviews.


When looking at the distribution of local deals, the majority still prefer to receive their deals by email, but this percent is significantly lower in Q2 of 2011(38%) when compared to Q1 of 2011(52%). Currently mobile is capturing 19% of the audience’s preference in deal delivery and 92% of on-the-go consumers are purchasing at least one local deal each month.


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