iPhone 5: Coming to All Four Major Carriers?

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Sprint will begin selling the new iPhone upon its release later this year. This year has been a trying time for iPhone fans. The last four iterations of the iPhone have followed a clear cut release schedule, with a release coming once a year in the month of June or July. July came and went with no release and no announcement. Widespread speculation was that Apple would push back their release date to August, but now with August drawing to a close with no announcement, many have been concerned. The latest reports seem to estimate the iPhone to have a mid-October release. Rumors have speculated the latest iteration of the iPhone to carry an 8-megapixel camera, a possibly enlarged screen and a better antenna.

Sprint is currently America’s third largest carrier with over 52 million subscribers. AT&T currently carries 99 million subscribers, and Verizon currently leads the pack with 106 million subscribers.   This is a huge win for Sprint, the iPhone will help retain many of their current customers, as well as help attract prospective switchers. AT&T was the exclusive holder of the iPhone upon its launch in 2007. Verizon began offering the iPhone in Q2 of 2011, which Sprint cited as a reason for their decline in subscriptions for that quarter.

While the Sprint iPhone has all but been confirmed, the latest rumor has been that T-Mobile, the nation’s fourth largest carrier, may also receive the iPhone. Up until this point, many people have used unauthorized unlocked iPhones to run on T-Mobile. T-Mobile claimed to have 1 million unauthorized iPhones running on its network earlier this year. Amid rampant speculation, there is not much concrete evidence to go on. At this point, all we can do is wait and see what cards Apple has up there sleeve come October.

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