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Top 20 Social Media websites

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

This is a list of some of the most used Social Media websites. I have sorted them based on their Alexa rank to get an idea of their popularity. The category and overview gives you an idea about each of them.

If you haven’t tried out some of them…now is the time! Because its certain – many of them are here to stay!

No. Website Alexa Rank Category Overview
1 3 Videos A video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips
with users worldwide.
2 5 Networking A social networking website that connects people – to keep up with friends,
play games, upload photos, share links and videos. Users interact with
friends through applications.
3 7 Networking A popular social networking website offering a network of friends, personal
profiles, groups, photos, music and videos for users.
4 8 Wiki An online collaborative encyclopedia which is freeand in multiple languages.
5 9 Blogging Free, automated weblog publishing tool.
6 15 Networking A social networking website, probabaly the thrid largest in the world, after
Facebook and MySpace.
7 32 Images An image and video hosting website. Picture galleries are available with
social networking, chat, groups, and photo ratings.
8 37 Networking A global social network emphasizing genuine friendships and the discovery of
new people through friends.
9 50 Networking A social networking site with huge presence in Brazil and India.
10 106 Networking Mainly a high school and college social network, makes it easy for high
school and college students to stay in touch with their friends.
11 169 News / Bookmarking Technology focused news site where the stories are chosen by community
members rather than editors. Users submit links and stories, and vote and
commen on submitted links and stories.
12 220 Networking A business networking site to find connections to recommended job
candidates, industry experts and business partners.
13 268 Networking An online service where users can create, customize, and share a social
14 377 Blogging A search engine for user-generated media (including weblogs) by tags. It
also provides popularity indexes.
15 767 Bookmarking A web broswer plugin which allows users to discover and rate webpages,
photos, videos, and news articles.
16 918 General Helps offline group meetings of people with shared interests plan events and
facilitates off line group meetings in various localities around the world.
17 1015 Networking Social networking and microblogging service which lets users send updates
which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.
18 1699 Bookmarking Lists user-recommendations for stories, photos and videos.
19 6651 News Hosts user-generated news links. Votes promote stories to the front page.
20 6809 Tech news Source for technology related news with a slight ‘nerdy’ slant!