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About ScruzzleWord

ScruzzleWord creates a brand new interactive experience out of the classic crossword puzzle. In fact, comparing ScruzzleWord to a crossword puzzle is like comparing the iPhone is to a rotary phone. We're talking word game REVOLUTION!!! We're talking what all the other crossword puzzle games should have been!

ScruzzleWord takes the letters of a solved crossword puzzle and scrambles them. You're job is to drag and drop them into place. When they drop into the right square a pleasant bell goes off and the square lights up yellow. Turn all the squares yellow and the puzzle is solved. Simple.

Seeing the clues for a square can be done by tapping on any yellow square. Thus, you move around the board in way that is reminiscent of Scrabble. Solving words requires a combination of Scrabble, Crossword Puzzle, and Word Search skills.

Each puzzle fits nicely into the iPhone screen so there is no panning or scrolling. You get to see the whole puzzle and it's very playable even for someone with stubby fingers.

The program comes with 50 puzzles of medium difficulty. There is a "Beginner Mode" and a "Challenge Mode." By using "Challenge Mode," serious crossword puzzle solvers can strain their brains by using a decreasing number of clues. I found it doubled and tripled my time in solving puzzles. It also makes it fun to solve the same puzzle over again.